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Mohammad Al Rusaymi, Associate

Mohammad Al Rusaymi is an Associate at BLK Partners based in Riyadh.

Mohammad is specialized in dispute resolution, with a focus on commercial and labor cases. One of Mohammad's key areas of expertise lies in negotiating contracts and drafting settlement agreements. He possesses the ability to navigate complex contractual matters and effectively represents clients in negotiations to achieve favorable outcomes. Through his careful analysis and understanding of the legal intricacies involved, Mohammad ensures that contracts and settlement agreements accurately reflect the interests of our clients while minimizing potential risks.


Furthermore, Mohammad's experience encompasses assisting in high-volume legal cases across various sectors. He has dealt with disputes in areas such as labor and employment, real estate, commercial, and industrial matters. By handling a wide array of cases, Mohammad has gained a deep understanding of the legal nuances and challenges that may arise in these sectors. 

Mohammad has an LL.B. from King Saud University (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) and is fluent in Arabic and English.