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Tarek Saad, Partner

Tarek Saad is a Partner at BLK Partners based in Dubai.

Tarek has over 29 years of experience in general litigation in EMEA, including a 17-year tenure in the UAE.

Tarek's extensive skill set covers a broad spectrum of legal domains, ranging from handling high-profile commercial litigation to navigating complex maritime, insurance, civil, real estate, criminal, labor, and intellectual property disputes. His specialization extends to the drafting of maritime and shipping legislation in the United Arab Emirates, demonstrating his profound understanding of the region's legal landscape.


In the maritime sector, Tarek has amassed a remarkable track record, successfully managing cases before the local courts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These cases have involved claims for shortage, damages, towage and marine salvage disputes, vessel explosions, pollution matters, casualties at sea, general average issues, ship arrests (provisional attachments), charter disputes, and insurance settlements in maritime disputes.

Tarek has a bachelor’s degree in law from Ain Shams University (Cairo, Egypt) and a Diploma in Maritime Law from the Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (Alexandria, Egypt). He is admitted to the Egyptian Bar Association (with a right of audience in all Egyptian Courts) and to the Egyptian Maritime Association. Moreover, Tarek is a member of the Dubai Council for Marine & Maritime Industries (DCMMI) and serves as a Board Member of the Consultants for the Abu Dhabi School of Law.